Photo: Pac-Man Graffiti.

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I applied to that job to be a garbage can. Still haven’t heard back.

Let me stop you right there.

Let me stop you right there.


"After I read about Google Glass and how we’re going to approach the situation … I’m a blind athlete, and to be able to wear the glasses and have the kids see through my eyes although I can’t even myself, that’s amazing to me," he says. I’m a jumper primarily. There’s a lot of things that go on with that, having someone basically directing me down this runway, and I’m running fast, he’s making calls on the fly. I think it would definitely be cool [for kids to] see how all of that happens, see what that would look like in a visual sense."

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Model: Unknown
Location: Santa Catalina Island, 2014
Photo: http://tonystamolis.com


Our Hong Kong film festival kicks off Friday with Aberdeen. Curator of Film Tom Vick will answer questions about the festival—and anything else you’d like to know about Asian cinema—on reddit this Thursday starting at 12 pm.


"He had his first birthday yesterday, so he goes crazy every time he hears the ‘Happy Birthday’ song."
"Let’s see it."